How to Maintain Your Harvel Tractor for Optimal Performance

How to Maintain Your Harvel Tractor for Optimal Performance

Harvel tractors are one of the most relied on and reliable tractors with a reputation for satisfactory and durability. However, like some other system, Harvel tractors also require normal maintenance and care, to make certain their most excellent overall performance and longevity. In this weblog put up, we will percentage a few suggestions on a way to maintain your Harvel tractor for finest overall performance.

Check Your Fluid Levels

One of the important thing which you need to do regularly is to check your fluid degrees, which includes engine oil, coolant, hydraulic oil, brake fluid, and fuel. These fluids are most important for the clean functioning of your tractor, and that they should be kept on the needed levels and changed at the required periods. You must also test for any leaks or signs of infection, and connect them as quickly as possible.

Clean Your Air Filter

Another thing you must do often is to easy your air clear out, which prevents dirt and dust from coming into your engine and affecting its overall performance. You ought to look at your air filter out each 50 hours of operation, and smooth or update it as wanted. You ought to additionally take a look at the condition of your pre-purifier that is a tool that eliminates large particles from the air earlier than it reaches the air filter out. You should clean or update your pre-cleaner each one hundred hours of operation.

Lubricate Your Moving Parts

Another component which you should do regularly is to lubricate your shifting components, consisting of bearings, joints, hinges, and linkages. Lubrication reduces friction and put on, and extends the life of your tractor. You have to use the recommended type and amount of grease or oil, and use it on the required factors. You have to additionally check for any signs of damage or corrosion, and update the components as wished.

Adjust Your Tire Pressure

Another thing which you must regularly check is your tire pressure, which impacts your traction, stability, and gasoline performance. Regular inspection of tyre is most important for good tractor health.  

Inspect Your Electrical System

Another aspect that you ought to do frequently is to look at your electrical gadget, which incorporates your battery, alternator, starter, lights, and wiring. You need to test your battery voltage and specific gravity, and fee or replace it as needed. You have to additionally check your alternator output and belt tension, and adjust or update them as needed. You must also check your starter and solenoid, and easy or replace them as wished. You must additionally take a look at your lighting and wiring, and connect any unfastened or broken connections.


Harvel tractors are designed to provide you the great overall performance and sturdiness, but they also want your regular renovation and care. By following those tips, you may keep your Harvel tractor in top-quality condition, and enjoy its benefits for a long term

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