At Harvel, our commitment extends beyond selling tractors. We pride ourselves on offering comprehensive service solutions tailored to your needs. From routine maintenance to intricate repairs, our expert technicians ensure your equipment operates at peak performance. Trust Harvel for reliable service that keeps your farming operations running

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Door Step Service for Tractors

Our doorstep service for tractors offers convenience, expertise, and customized solutions. With routine maintenance, emergency repairs, and genuine parts available on-site, farmers save time and ensure peak tractor performance. Our advanced diagnostic tools and follow-up support guarantee peace of mind, revolutionizing tractor servicing across the nation.

Ensure Your Tractor's Performance with Our Free Tractor Check-up (FTC)

Our free tractor checkup at your door step offers peace of mind through preventative maintenance and expert assessment. With thorough inspections, diagnostic testing, and personalized recommendations, farmers can ensure their tractors operate at peak efficiency. Schedule your appointment today for hassle-free maintenance and reliable performance.

Ensure Longevity and Performance:

Our Annual Maintenance Contract (AMC)

Experience the power of pristine cleanliness with Harvel's steam wash service. Our high-pressure steam effectively removes stubborn grime, ensuring your tractor gleams like new while maintaining its performance integrity.

Rotary Tiller & Rice Transplanter Service

Rotary tiller and RTP machine service are vital for soil cultivation equipment maintenance. This includes inspections, lubrication, and part replacement. We offer expertise in servicing these machines. Adhering to manufacturer recommendations is key for peak performance and longevity. Opt for experienced providers familiar with your equipment for quality maintenance..

Revitalize Your Tractor:

Our Water Wash and Polishing Services

Transform your farm tractor's appearance and performance with our Water Wash and Polishing Services. Our professional cleaning and polishing techniques enhance the tractor's look while protecting it from damage and extending its lifespan. With customized solutions and on-site convenience, enjoy a gleaming tractor ready for any task. Schedule your appointment today for expert care and lasting results



  • Convenience

  • Expertise

  • Customized Solutions

  • Annual Maintenance Contract (AMC)

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